(New Heat Adhesive Ribbon)
Let’s enjoy redesigning your belongs
To be applied on fabric by pressing the design with home use iron.

Eco bag, Apron, Table cloth, Neck tie, T-shirt, etc.

1. Please tear off a white part of the ribbon from a film slowly.
2. Having the thin part of the stem and tear it off from a film carefully.

1. Please lay out a seal in the place you want to put.
2. Covering the seal with cloth, press the iron of 130C for 15 seconds.

Please press the iron from the top without letting it slide.

To strengthen the heat-adhesiveness, press iron.
Once again after 5 minutes later for 15 seconds.

The Quantity of order should be multiple of 5.
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Applicaion (m4v)

PRICE \409/pc→US$4.20
PRICE \504/pc→US$5.20
PRICE \609/pc→US$6.30
REMARK:The unit prices are the retailer's prices and are quoted with the convertion rate at \92 per US Doller just for your reference.We will give you more discount from the unit prices when you place an order.

With reference of our artworks of Deco Art Ribbon, everyone can enjoy making artwork easily of Deco Art Ribbon . You can make your original Eco bags, Cushions,, Table covers and Slippers, etc. of your original design just applying Deco Art Ribbon on fabric with pressing home iron. If you click the sample of artwork, the description of Deco Art Ribbon used for the artwork is confirmed.

Press the iron from the top without letting slide.
The following part might be peeled off easily.
★Narrow part (e.g. Thin stem) or pointed part
★Overlapped seals by layout design
★Edge of seal

When peeling off the seal, press the iron of 130C for 15 seconds And it is possible to adhere again.
When apply on Nylon fabric, please use a cloth to cover the seal.
When washing decorated items with Deco Art Ribbon, we recommend you putting in a net.

ポピーとティーローズのアレンジ リースアレンジB コンポートのアレンジC コンポートのアレンジE
かごのアレンジB 手押し車のアレンジC ヴィクトリアローズのアレンジ リースアレンジC
リースアレンジD リースアレンジE フルーツアレンジ コンポートのアレンジF
かごのアレンジC かごのアレンジE 手押し車のアレンジF